Security Gates

Posted on Jun 14th, 2012
Please be aware:
1) Realtor’s will be assigned a specific gate code. Any owner, who has a Realtor should request in writing (via email) a code for that specific Real Estate Company.
2) All common carriers including UPS, FedEx, US Post Office, DHL, will have unique codes.
3) Others regular vendors such as Terminix, Pisgah Pest Control, the mail carrier, Freeman, Wilson and Blossman Gas and of course our grounds contractor, Ron Fowler of Grandy Mountain will each receive their own gate code.
4) Building Contractors will receive their own gate code once the owners ACC request has been approved. The code will be disarmed once the ECC project is completed.
5) Emergency Vehicles will have a gate code as well.
Please remember, since owners’ information, including their gate codes, are kept at the offices of the management company, the Property Manager will not be able to access gate codes after hours. So please refrain from calling the emergency number to retrieve a forgotten gate code.
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