Annual Meeting of the Association

Posted on Dec 24th, 2012

Sims Valley Homeowners Association, Inc.
Board of Directors

Dear Sims Valley Property Owner,

The Annual Meeting of the Association was held on October 23rd, 2012 at the Sims Valley clubhouse. As a quorum was present in person and by proxy, official business of the Association was able to be conducted.

The major items of business at the meeting were to:

1. Election of Directors
The membership re-elected all current directors to serve on staggered terms of 1-2-3 years respectively.  The directors met after the annual meeting to vote on officers and term assignments. The results are:

Robert Anthony 1 year term
Debi Appel  3 year term  Vice President
Robert Drouin 3 year term  President & Treasurer
Caroline Eager 1 year term
Dennis Ford  2 year term  Secretary
Kent Miller  1 year term
Bobby Stewart 2 year term

2. Ratification of the 2013 Adopted Budget
Part 1: The operating portion of the budget is similar to last year and the annual assessment per lot remains at $1,200.   Key differences in the 2013 budget includes lower management fees, increased swimming pool expenses, increased building maintenance and lower contingency expenses.
Part 2: The Reserves and Capital Expenditure portion of the budget is new this year. A Special Reserve assessment of $1,500 will be used to expand portions of the existing water systems. The assessment will be divided into two payments of $750, and will be billed as of April 1st and June 1st. These dates coincide with when water system contractor payments would need to be made. The Association will credit this special reserve assessment to each individual lot water system tap fee. The Association is still working on securing funds from Macon Bank that will be needed in addition to the special reserve assessment to fully complete the water system.

3. Other Business
No other official new business was introduced, but general discussion ensued about the overall operations of the community, new home construction, security gates, pond and water fall operations and a host of other topics. A consensus option developed that the association should maintain all common areas and amenities similar to how the valley looked during the April 2011 sale event. This said, discussion continued concerning common area maintenance, down / dead trees and individual lot(s) that may have become overgrown and unsightly. The directors agreed to work with lot owners on a case by case basis next year to address these concerns.

As a separate item at the directors meeting, the directors agreed to change the current “cost sharing” of the electricity and maintenance for the wells in favor of an annual water use fee of $240 for all homes connected to the water system. This singular fee will be much simpler to manage while still allocating operating costs of the wells.

We look forward to the coming year and continuing success as dreams of Sims Valley turn into realities.

Happy Holidays!

Sims Valley Homeowners Association, Inc.

Board of Directors

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